Airport Advisory Board will tell the story of Rick Husband

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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Airport Advisory Board is paying tribute to Commander Rick Husband, the Amarillo native NASA commander who perished aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.

With permission and help from Husband's widow, Evelyn Husband-Thompson, the board is hoping to better tell the story of the airport's namesake.

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"We've got all the Husbands involved and his widow Evelyn, she's involved in the whole process and approving of doing this to begin with," said Director of Aviation for Rick Husband International Airport Michael Conner.

The board said although a picture and statue of Husband greet travelers, there really isn't anything else at the airport explaining who he was, and why he remains an important part of West Texas history.

"We want to be able to tell his story a little bit more and give a good impression of him to the general public," said Conner.

Students from schools Husband attended here in Amarillo will also be involved in the unveiling of the NASA tribute area scheduled for later this year.

"I know we'll have at least one, possibly two, astronauts that'll be here speaking to students and the public.," said Conner.

Conner said this tribute will not only show travelers what Husband did for Texas, but also what he did for aerospace in general.

"Things that are important to the public to see, really good things from an archival standpoint. We'll have a really nice display out there, I think," said Conner.

The tribute is scheduled for August 29th, 2018.

It will include photos of Husband, as well as artifacts from NASA.

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