Barrio neighborhood plan continues to take shape in community

Barrio neighborhood plan continues to take shape in community

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The neighborhood improvement plan for the Barrio is continuing to progress towards adoption by the city of Amarillo.

The Barrio is the second neighborhood to be part of the city of Amarillo and Potter County's neighborhood improvement plans.

This plan, which has been in the works since the North Heights plan was adopted, now has defined goals and objectives that are ready to be implemented if city council chooses to adopts it.

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One of the major aspects of the plan is a simple goal.

"Clean alleyways, good sidewalks, lighting, the basic things that when you get out of your house, we want to be able to walk into our homes and feel safe and feel comfortable and all those good things," said Potter County Commissioner – Precinct Two Mercy Murguia.

Another is making sure the history of the Barrio is not forgotten.

"As a gap in our plan, we really don't have good documentation of who were the leaders in that area," said Murguia. "What is the history that brought us to where we are? So as a book has already spurred as a result of that and plans to be published in 2018."

After presenting the plan to city council this week, City Planning Director AJ Fawver said the next steps are to bring it to council for a first and second reading so it can be adopted as an ordinance.

"That means it is a part of the comprehensive plan for the city," said Murguia. "That means it's reviewed every year for budget. So it's not a plan that just gets adopted and it's someone idea and it sits on the shelf and just gets pulled down when we need it. It has to be vetted every year, so I think that's what makes this different and very strategic."

While not adopted yet, some phases are already being implemented in the community.

"Now definitely not the long term things, we're looking for the short term wins that we can get our hands and really get this momentum,' said Murguia. "So what I think again is so symbolic is that nothing of this caliber has ever happened on a neighborhood scale. I think it's really exciting to see the community be a part of it."

The city's planning department plans to bring the plan for adoption to city council next week.

After the Barrio, San Jacinto and East Ridge are slated to be the next neighborhood plans.

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