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Amarillo ISD students earn over $44M in college scholarships

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Through the micro-scholarship program RaiseMe, high school students can earn money for college based on their achievements in and out of the classroom.

For example, students can qualify with anything from playing a sport or taking the SAT. 

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"I would absolutely think that every student should really just take a look at it," said Amarillo High Senior Kaden Spellmann. "Because, like I said, you never really know what you could qualify for."

Spellmann says students may overlook the program since it only offers micro-scholarships. However, he says RaiseMe is helping him narrow down his college search.

"When I first logged on there, I didn't think that, you know, being my rank in the class I could have any sort of specific scholarship for that," said Spellmann. "I was surprised, I didn't think I could get money for something as little as that."

Counselors across AISD say in just a short period of time they're noticing a positive response from students. AISD high school students have currently earned a total of over $44 million in micro-scholarships, and that number continues to grow. 

"I'm in Speech and Debate, so I was able to find scholarships that matched up to colleges that really incorporate that kind of thing in their curriculum, so it really helped me not only through finding these micro-scholarships but also my college search in general," said Spellmann. 

Students said they also like how easy it is to access RaiseMe.  

"Lots of people get really upset that they have to write letters and write essays and find letters of recommendation," said Spellmann. "But RaiseMe is just really easy for anyone to access."

RaiseMe is also available for educators, as well as parents. This option allows a teacher or parent to monitor a student's progress and also send reminders to add new achievements. 

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