Rain, a short term solution

Rain, a short term solution

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The rain that fell for the first time today in quite a while is only a drop in the bucket of the rain we need to break the drought.

That's according to the climatologist for the state of Texas, John Nielsen-Gammon.

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"Normal rainfall since the beginning of the year would have been about 2 and a half inches," said Nielsen. "Unfortunately it looks like after Thursday, it might be the last rain for a while. So we may not see much improvement in drought if things are just going to dry out again right away."

Nielsen said our rain to start off the week will be effective in the short term but will need to be followed up with more showers.

"Dry ground is actually able to take in moisture more rapidly," said Nielsen. "So it's able to penetrate more, go through the cracks and the soil. So that's not an impediment to the rain being beneficial. The main problem is if things dry out again rapidly the moisture will be able to evaporate from the top so it wouldn't have much time to penetrate further down."

"The seasonal outlook for temperature says that there's basically about an 80% chance of having above normal temperatures. Unfortunately, that will accelerate evaporation and accelerate the need for crops to receive water," said Nielsen.

For those hoping this rain will bring an end to the drought, help farmers or bring wildfire season to an end we'll need a lot more rain before any of those things happen.

"So critically dry, that even the rains that we've had area going to have to be a long duration and a lot of them to get them out of some of the danger," said Operation Section Chief for the Texas A&M Forest Service David Abernathy.

Our Meteorologist Allan Gwyn agrees that the overall pattern remains dry.

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