Emergency repair funds available to low-income Amarillo households

Emergency repair funds available to low-income Amarillo households
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Low income residents in Amarillo in need of home repairs can receive immediate assistance.

The Homeowner Emergency Repair program gives emergency assistance to low income residents who need repairs for hazardous or life threatening conditions at their home.

"The emergency repair grant, that's what it provides, repairs to sewer lines, glass lines, water lines, heaters, electrical, water heaters, roofs," said Michelle Martinez, HOME Program Coordinator for City of Amarillo's Community Development. "The little things, you know, sewer lines, are so expensive and these people are on limited incomes and they're just not able to fund that type of project, so that's why we're here."

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The Community Block Development grant is funded by HUD.

The city works with specialized contractors who meet insurance requirements and have a license with building safety.

"We'll send it to all of our plumbing contractors," said Martinez. "We give them 24 hours to bid and we go with the lowest, most responsive bid."

Each household has an income limit.

An individual can't make more than $22,900.

A couple must make $26,150 or less.

A family of four must be at $32,650 or below.

The limit continues to grow as family size increases.

"We ask for income verifications such as banking statements," said Martinez. "We also ask for paycheck stubs, we ask for social security award letters or retirement and pension letters and that's the way we verify income."

Martinez said the value a program like this brings to the community can't be understated.

"An elderly couple here in Amarillo that during the winter, they ended up passing away from carbon monoxide poisoning," said Martinez. "Now had they known about our program there's a 100% chance we would have been able to help them and they would still be here today."

You can visit with Michelle Martinez about an application for this program at the Simms Municipal Building, located at 808 S. Buchanan.

Martinez can also be reached by phone at (806) 378-6285.

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