City of Amarillo issues smoke inhalation public health advisory

City of Amarillo issues smoke inhalation public health advisory
Source: City of Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A smoke inhalation public health advisory has been issued by the City of Amarillo.

Because of the recent wildfires and continued dry and windy conditions residents are at risk of smoke exposure.

The constant inhalation could cause health problems from allergy symptoms to worsening of chronic heart and respiratory illness.

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Health effects include coughing, burning eyes, headaches, chest pain and difficulty breathing.

If your symptoms do not improve you are urged to call your doctor.

The city has provided the following actions you can take to prevent harmful effects of smoke:

  • Limit your time outside and stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Use an air filter to clean indoor air.
  • Keep windows and doors closed when possible.
  • For those with a history of heart or lung problems, make a respiratory management plan with your doctor and follow your doctor’s advice about medications.
  • If it is necessary to be outdoors during smoky weather, wear a particulate mask such as N-95 or P100 respirator. These are sold at many hardware and home repair stores.
  • Install a dual-sensor smoke alarm on each level of your home. Test monthly and change batteries.
  • Media: stay tuned to local radio, television, and reliable news information for instructions from local officials. If advised to evacuate – do so immediately.
  • Windows/Vents: Close all windows, doors, vents, and blinds before evacuating.
  • Go-Kit: Have a disaster supply kit ready take with you if you are evacuated.
  • Escape Route: Have several planned escape routes away from your home – by car or foot.

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