Good News with Doppler Dave: Kids doing good things too

Good News with Doppler Dave: Kids doing good things too

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - You know, sometimes I think young people kind of get a bad rap.

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We hear about the bad things that young people are doing, but there's more to it.

Kids are doing good things too. In fact, I spoke with Grady Hodge, who's a Boy Scout.

"We've chosen to go out, spend a day or two to collect food from around the community, cause sometimes it's nice to take a moment and not worry about ourselves and help other people out," he said.

Jake Splawn, a Boy Scout program executive, gave me more details.

"It's the morning of March 24, and Scouts from all over the area are going to be picking up food throughout different neighborhoods," said Splawn.

"This is a great event. Every year, the boys really have a good time with this," he added. "It really helps put things into perspective, and community service to your neighbors is at the core of what the Boy Scouts do."

Splawn said that helping others is a top priority for the Scouts.

"It's what we're here for. It's not just all camping and fun," he said. "We really put a lot of emphasis on things like this."

Emily Bell with the High Plains Food Bank said the Scouts benefit just as much as the people they help out.

"It's a fun event for that very reason, because you watch all these different boy scouts, over a hundred or however many, and they're just unpacking food and you see the energy," said Bell.

She said the real reward is seeing the fruits of a job well done.

"They're genuinely enjoying themselves and serving others and even in the moment, not just with direct food service to a hungry family, but you could just feel the reward that they were getting from giving back," she said.

Grady said the Scouts are hoping to inspire others to help out as well.

"The more that people get out and work, the more others will feel encouraged to do the same thing," he said.

Splawn hopes that the community will follow their example.

"This year, we also have a High Plains Food Bank barrel at the scout office, in the lobby, so throughout the entire month of March, from now until the 29th, we'll have the barrel," said Splawn. "You can come in during regular business hours and drop off as much food as you want, non-perishable items of course."

Sometimes, I feel like there are a lot of young people who just don't know they can be helpful.

I asked Grady how he would feel if he was hungry and knew there were people like him helping to make a difference.

"It would make me feel great, and make me feel like going out and helping other people too, so, I feel like that's good news. That is good news."

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