Spring break brings a huge travel boom for Amarillo

Spring break brings a huge travel boom for Amarillo
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - With spring break comes travel, and Amarillo is often an important stopping point for travelers and tourists.

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"In general, spring break is a perfect time for traveling. Being the closest museum to Dallas or Oklahoma City, we're a great midway point if you're going to Albuquerque," said Director of Education for the Don Harrington Discovery Center Kyle Hadley.

Hadley said the center strives to accommodate not only local families but tourists as well.

"Even if they are from Dallas or Lubbock or anywhere else, they can use their membership here as well," said Hadley. "We're very friendly in that sense that we can accommodate all sorts of people."

He added the weather does have a major impact on the Discovery Center's traffic.

"If it's crummy out they'll definitely come inside, but spring break is busy, because you're right, we see lots and lots of travelers. The majority of our guests during spring break are visitors," said Hadley.

Local attractions aren't the only places seeing a positive impact due to this time of year.

Our local hospitality industry also sees a big ramp up in traffic during spring break.

"For our particular property, we have corporate travel Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Typically the weekends are a little softer. During spring break we're seeing that we're actually selling out on weekends as well," said Hadley.

Dan Quandt, Vice President for Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council, said that spring break travel can typically fill around 6000 of Amarillo's 6400 hotel rooms.

"90% of our hotel rooms are full, because of people on spring break. That's pretty good because a couple days earlier we were only at about 60%," said  Quandt.
This is important because the city's hotel occupancy tax goes directly to fund special projects here in Amarillo, such as the upcoming MPEV.

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