To plant or not to plant: a look at what trees are perfect for the Panhandle

To plant or not to plant: a look at what trees are perfect for the Panhandle
Amarillo Botanical Gardens (Source: KFDA)
Coulter Gardens (Source: KFDA)
Coulter Gardens (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The sun is out and flowers are blooming.

Signs of spring in Texas are abundant, marking the perfect time to dig into your gardens.

"Well, it's a good time to plant trees and there's a lot of nice nurseries here in Amarillo that can give really good information," said Greg Lusk, Director of Horticulture at Amarillo Botanical Gardens.

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One of those nurseries is Coulter Gardens.

"Spring is your best selection and best time to be able to pick trees. That's when the most variety is available," said Warren Reid, owner and president of Coulter Gardens.

With your shovel and soil ready, now it's time to pick a tree. Horticulturists say trees best suited for this climate include the cedar elm, Texas red oak, Shumard oak, locust trees and redbuds.

"They're just more adaptable for us. They're going to be longer-lived trees," said Lusk. "It's worth investing in a quality tree that's going to last."

Experts also note that some trees don't thrive here because they may not be able to withstand storms and are prone to disease.

"The trees we always have to be careful of are what everybody calls fast-growing trees. Fast-growing means it grows real quick and it has to be short-lived," said Reid. "So your willows, your cottonwoods, your mulberries, they grow like a weed, but they just don't last very long."

When it comes to buying trees in the Panhandle, going to a big-name retailer may not be the best choice.

"They lump Amarillo with the rest of Texas," said Lusk. "They sell trees that might be more suitable down state up here as well, because they see Texas as a marketable region and those trees should really be met with caution."

If you still have questions about trees and planting, check in with local nurseries and garden centers for tips and advice.

"Trees are a great investment for us. Here on the High Plains, I think they're enjoyed more than they are in some places because there are so few of them," said Lusk.

However, no matter what tree you decide on, enjoy that new source of life on your lawn.

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