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Students from across the country spend spring break helping Amarillo families

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Some out-of-state college students are spending their spring break in the Panhandle working with Amarillo Habitat for Humanity. 

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"I don't really feel like I'm missing out on anything," said Nichols College student Megan Lamare. "There's always an opportunity to go and do something fun and go to a warm place. But, this is just as good, if not, better. This is an experience I'll remember forever."

Through an alternative spring break program, LaMare and a group of her classmates are building homes for two deserving families. 

"It was never really like something that I had to choose between. This is something I've known, for me, was something I needed to do," said Lamare. 

Lamare says helping the families isn't something she or any of her classmates are looking to be recognized for. 

"You know, I always see people go on spring break you know, with their friends and stuff. They have a good time and they have fun,"  said Nichols College Student Austin Duvernay. "But, what's really important to me honestly, is being able to give back. I feel like it's one of the most important things in life to help others. You know living through others and being able to help them, is what I think, really makes the world go 'round.'"

Habitat for Humanity International provides alternative spring break volunteer opportunities to high schools and college students through a program called Collegiate Challenge. Amarillo Habitat for Humanity continues to serve as a participating affiliate. 

"To be able to work with this great group and see people with the same common goal is great. Everyone is taking time away, you know? They could have gone somewhere else, they could have done anything else," said Duvernay. "But to be here, helping people build house for the people that really need them, not only need them, but deserve them is something that's so important."

The students are also able to meet and work alongside the future homeowners during their one week stay in Amarillo. 

"Getting to see them put effort into their own house and how happy it makes them, not only to have here, but to see them work on their houses themselves, it really fills your heart," said Duvernay. "It makes you happy because you know this is their future home. They're putting their own effort into it, we're helping along the way, but, in the end it's theirs. And you can see they enjoy every second of it."

Another group of students will spend their spring break here next week to help finish the houses.

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