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High school students encouraging their classmates to read

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Students at Hereford High School are decorating lockers with a goal of inspiring reading for all of their classmates. 

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"I've always loved reading. I feel like you can escape into the words you read, and I really do like finding the perfect words," said Hereford High Junior Angela Martinez. 

Michala Berend, an English teacher at Hereford High, said she hopes these visual representations will entice more students to find an interest in reading.

"I even talked to a few of the students before the project, and they said if they saw a book that looked interesting, they may actually pick it up," said Berend. "This is coming from who don't want to read normally, so that's what we're hoping. We're hoping it will increase the reading at the high school."

She said reading not only expands a student's vocabulary but also encourages their creativity and imagination. 

"Now as you walk down the halls you're going to be like 'Okay what are these things?'" said senior Faith Castaneda. "Once you realize they're books, you're wanting to see the next one, and seeing something you haven't read or maybe you never heard of, inspires you to be like 'Well the cover looks good, let's check out the book.'"

In light of the recent negativity surrounding schools, these students hope to bring a little positivity to their campus while leaving a legacy for future students.  

"A lot of kids come in those doors down there and this being the first thing they see when they walk into high school," said senior Lexy Riley. "That will be a really cool feeling of 'Wow, this feels a lot more welcoming, and I can see that there are other stories being told.' You just feel a lot more at home here."

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