Mandatory water restrictions coming to Canyon

Mandatory water restrictions coming to Canyon

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA/RNN) - Residents of Canyon will soon be mandated to conserve water usage, as our record drought continues.

"People get a little bit antsy when you talk about mandatory watering restrictions, understandably so, but we want to make sure everybody knows this is simply basically because we want to be precautionary and proactive," said Canyon City Manager Randy Criswell.

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Canyon has been in stage one of its drought contingency plan since 2011.  That portion of the plan simply spreads public awareness about water conservation.

Stage two, which is about to be implemented, mandates specific watering days, and could result in a fine if not followed.

"The meat of stage two is basically even/odd watering days," said Criswell. "If you have an even numbered address then you can water on these three days of the week. If you have an odd numbered address then you can water on alternative days of the week."

Canyon decided to go into stage two because of the ongoing drought and one of its water towers is being coated.

The water tower hadn't been recoated since the 1980s.

It will be completed in the spring.

Criswell said the city is being cautious not because it has a problem, but because they want to avoid one.

"We can provide our citizens with everything they need. We can provide our emergency system with everything it needs," said Criswell. "We don't have any problems whatsoever, but we don't want to get into a situation where we had one."

The mandate will be implemented at the end of this week.

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