Time change takes a toll on Amarillo residents


AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The National Safety Council is asking employers to watch out for fatigued employees in wake of the recent time change.

We went to Roasters in Amarillo and asked coffee drinkers what they're doing today to help them with the time change.

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"I feel fine. The hour of sleep doesn't bother me," said Jamey Petterson. "I go to bed early anyway, so going to bed an hour later doesn't bother me too much. It bothers my wife. She goes to bed very late. Much later than I do."

"We're college students, so sleep isn't a priority for us. So it really didn't matter if we gained or lost sleep," said Bree Romo.

Not everyone had the easiest morning.

"I've actually had two already here at Roasters coffee this morning," said Ruby Moreno. "It's been really hard. I go to bed really late. So this whole time change really does effect me."

Unlike the rest of the states, Hawaii and Arizona did not turn their clocks forward.

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