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The Junior League of Amarillo participates in 'food fight' against hunger with High Plains Food Bank

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The Junior League of Amarillo is in friendly competition with the Junior Leagues of Bell County, Lawton, McAllen, Odessa, and Wichita Falls to gather the most pounds of food for their local food banks.

So far, the group is in the lead, raising 7,477 lbs of food for the High Plains Food Bank. Communications and Marketing Manager for High Plains Food Bank, Emily Bell, said it was a joined effort as they received much support from the surrounding community.

"We sent barrels out and they collected those," said Bell. "Some ladies went out and filled up the back of their own trunks with big sacks of potatoes and rice and different things and then they also each wrote checks and got out their own pocketbooks and donated cash as well."

The Junior League posted barrels at United Supermarkets in the area to collect donations.

The High Plains Food Bank said they appreciate the Junior League reaching out to them and helping food insecure families.

"They're doing what they can do about it," said Bell. "You know, we all believe in something and it's one thing to believe in something and it's another thing to really put action to your words and get out your own pocketbook and use some community support."

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Lisa Touma of the Junior League of Amarillo said helping the food bank is one way they are staying true to their mission that values volunteerism, helping children, and improving the community.

"One of our initiatives is generational poverty and this goes hand-in-hand with that to kind of help fight hunger," she said. "Definitely goes hand-in-hand in that and that's one of our goals as this Junior League. And so we want to help fight generational poverty and what better way than to help feed those who are in need."

High Plains Food Bank said the 'food fight' comes at a crucial time when donations are down.

"Drives like this just really bring in, you know, continued food and funds and just help us with the steady stream of food to distribute," said Bell.

"It's been a great day today," said Touma. "Even if we don't win, I think we definitely won here today by helping the food bank out."

The High Plains Food Bank hopes more organizations will participate in donating food and funds.

For more information on how you can get involved, click here.

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