Hartley County Sheriff's Office remembers K-9 Blitz

Hartley County Sheriff's Office remembers K-9 Blitz
Source: Hartley County Sheriff's Office
Source: Hartley County Sheriff's Office
Source: Hartley County Sheriff's Office
Source: Hartley County Sheriff's Office
Source: Hartley County Sheriff's Office

HARTLEY COUNTY, TX (KFDA) - The Hartley County Sheriff's office was joined by the Dalhart community as they said a final goodbye to their four legged deputy.

Blitz, the K-9 for the Hartley County Sheriff's office who died after being hit by a truck on February 26th, was remembered by the agency and the community who loved him today.

"Hartley County Deputy K-9 Blitz. 10-7. End of watch," said Hartley County Sheriff's office dispatch.

"The outpouring of the fire department, other law enforcement agencies, people of the community it just goes to show that people really appreciate law enforcement in this area," said Chanze Fowler, the Chief Deputy with the Hartley County Sheriff's Office.

"It means the world to us."

Blitz was an asset to the agency for the two years he served as a narcotics and search dog.

"They become part of the family," said Franky Scott, Hartley County Sheriff. "We invested, we got a little house from him in the back to keep him cool in the winter time. The expense that you have for them and for care is very minimal and much more covered by the time for what they utilize for you and get for you."

Blitz lived with the deputy and his family who he protected each day.

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He was found five blocks away from his home.

"It was an impact on Tommy. The man, been in the military, been to Iraq," said Sheriff Scott. "I'll guarantee you. He's seen things. He's lost friends, but he's never lost a K-9 friend."

While the agency says they'll never forget the job Blitz did, it's the memories they made along the way that they'll always treasure.

"I remember one story that I can tell you is I was sitting  in front of the desk and he kept itching out from underneath the desk finally he was sitting in my lap licking me on the right side of my face," said Chief Deputy Fowler. "But when it came time to work, Blitz was all work."

"He was a deputy, just like the ones that I stand and talk to," said Sheriff Scott. "He was cherished. I loved him, and I hated to lose him"

The Hartley County Deputy Sheriff's office has just begun the six to eight week process of getting another K-9.

They shared they hope the next member of their team will become family, just like Blitz.

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