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Warrant roundup part of city's compliance campaign

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The City of Amarillo's Municipal Court is continuing to encourage the public to take the necessary steps to resolve any cases you may have with the court.

It's all a part of the city's compliance campaign which focuses on individuals with warrants or outstanding citations. 

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"The easy bottom line is that we can say that we saw over 33-hundred warrants cleared in just the month of February, from the 1st to the 28th, which really speaks to people coming in," said Amarillo Municipal Court Administrator Victoria Jaramillo Medley. "The other thing is, we just saw a lot of people that before they ever get to warrant were calling us and coming in." 

Medley said this included a peak in traffic at the courts as well as an increase online.

She also said the courts main goal isn't sending anyone to jail but holding every citizen accountable. 

"I think the community understands that when they come to the court it's going to be fair and just, and that the judges are going to take time to listen to them," said Medley.  "That the court staff here is trying to get all of the information we can to help this person comply because ultimately we just want them to comply with these orders and our community expects us. That's what their expectation is."

Medley said the courts understand life happens, which is why there are options available to help you clear your outstanding warrant or citation.

Options include trials before a judge or jury, payment plans, community service, deferred dispositions and driving safety courses. 

"It's not a monetary issue for the city, it's a complete compliance. How many times do we hear 'where's the police officer?' because someone is driving bad? " said Medley. "The community really does expect us to be out there making our community safe and making sure our quality of life is where our citizens expect it to be."

However, as a part of taking accountability, starting next week, the Amarillo Police Department will have 8 school liaison officers out serving outstanding warrants. 

"Some of them are still going to be given a chance to come to the court and pay them off, but others that don't have any other way of taking care of it are probably going to be booked on their warrants. Our officers are going to be out doing that this next week," said APD Corporal Jeb Hilton. 

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