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Students make loud impact through silence

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Students from across the Panhandle are making a loud impact through silence.

With Deaf, Deaf World these students are able to experience life for the deaf community. 

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"I feel like a lot of times hearing people get kind of afraid of deaf people," said Caprock Senior Juan Montoya. "They don't really understand that there is a way to communicate with them."

Montoya says he first discovered American Sign Language his freshman year. He says he is able to apply what he is learning to his everyday life. 

"I have a few deaf friends of my own, and because of ASL, I've been able to communicate better," said Montoya. 

No speech was allowed during the event, which gives these students the opportunity to learn new signs as well as signing skills and styles. 

"Deaf people have been like outcast to like the rest of society. They've been known as dumb, but really they're as intelligent as us if you give them a chance," said Caprock Senior Johnny Kaiser. "I joined because I'm hard of hearing, so I already knew signs, so I thought I would do it, and I wanted to learn more about the deaf culture."

Learning American Sign Language also fulfills the foreign language requirement for high school students. 

"When a lot of the kids start, they think that Sign Language is just going to be easier than Spanish," said Caprock ASL Teacher Kristin Alford. "But they learn that it has its own culture, and they learn that the language is just as challenging as any other language to learn."

Through events like today's, students are able to learn more about deaf culture while practicing their foreign language. 

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