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Potter County identifying potential needs through strategic planning

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Potter County elected officials are proactively identifying and addressing potential county needs through two strategic planning sessions.

These discussions will continue to look at the county's future from a fiscal standpoint. 

"It kind of forces our hands to look past year one, and what are the demands of year one? And really kind of lift our heads and say what does that look like year three, year five, etc," said Potter County Commissioner, Precinct Two, Mercy Murguia. 

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Murguia says as fiscal stewards of the county, the Commissioner's Court wants to ensure this new plan will use taxpayer dollars in the most effective and efficient way possible. Potter County is paying the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission $20,000 to act as a governing body during these sessions. 

"What can we really focus on from a county perspective? And how can we do that from a multi-year lens? This is a pretty serious undertaking for the county. This is something we've talked about for quite some time. So this is really kind of pulling that trigger and moving forward to having those tough discussions," said Murguia.   

She adds, the county wants to be prepared instead of having to prepare or react to an issue once it's already occurred. Such as looking at updating some of the county's fire stations equipment. 

"When you don't have a good fire truck to get out there and fight the fire, that's a very scary situation. Roughly, a fire truck ranges anywhere from $350,000, that's a serious expense. So, how do we do that from a year-by-year basis so that we never get behind. I think the county over the last five to six years has really made aggressive strides. Are we there yet? No. We'll never really kind of get there. We just want to kind of continue to align and prioritize, so that we are thinking ahead," said Murguia. 

Along with fire protection, Potter County officials will also look at establishing a salary range threshold for county employees. All citizens are encouraged to attend the open forum portion of the session tomorrow to add any comments or suggestions as the county moves forward with a plan. 

The forum will be at the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission Board Room located at 415 Southwest 8th Avenue. The meeting will start at 9:00 a.m.

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