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Amarillo Police introducing new weekly report, posting names of DWI arrests on Facebook

Amarillo Police Department "Weekly DUI Report" (Source: KFDA/APD) Amarillo Police Department "Weekly DUI Report" (Source: KFDA/APD)

While most DWI arrests include hefty court fees and jail time, Amarillo Police are introducing an additional penalty: having the names of DWI suspects posted on Facebook every week.

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"Instead of people seeing the statistics and the numbers of how many people are being arrested, now, they're seeing there are actual people, and maybe it'll get people to pay more attention,” said Sgt. Carla Burr with the Amarillo Police Department.

The "Weekly DUI Report" on the police department's Facebook page will include the name of the arrested person, location and date of the arrest and the suspect's charges. For now, the department only plans to list the names of suspects, not their booking photos.

"I think that's enough. It gets the point across that it's a human being that is being arrested and not just a number that we're making up out of the blue,” said Burr.

For the police department, their ultimate hope is that this new method will help people think twice about getting behind the wheel after drinking.

"It will get people to think about it and think about the consequences and maybe think about making a plan instead of just, 'oh, let's just wing it from here,’” said Burr. “That's what our hope is. Only time will tell."

The police department plans on posting the arrests on Facebook every Monday.

In a poll for NewsChannel 10 viewers, a majority of voters thought the policy was a good idea.

However, many other viewers noted that they disagree with the posts.

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