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Garden experts say irrigation conservation is essential

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The drought in the Panhandle is continuing to get worse.

However, a recent Texas A&M AgriLife report says local homeowners and businesses may "find" more water through irrigation conservation. 

"Mulching is just a huge plus. Not only that, when you mulch, it breaks down and you can work it into your soil in the fall," said President of the Randall County Master Gardener Association Darlene Knight.

"And then you put more mulch on in the spring, and it really builds up your soil and makes it not as hard and makes it more soluble which the plants need they need that air that can get to the roots," said Knight. 

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With irrigation season approaching, simple techniques such as watering only when needed, as well as watering slowly for absorption, can have a big difference.

Knight suggested also being mindful of the types of plants you cultivate.

"Like sunflowers, lavender, especially American lavender does well in this area. Sage, rosemary, etc.," said Knight. "Herbs are perfect for Amarillo. They thrive in poor soil, which is what we have, poor soil and not much water."

As water from traditional sources like rainfall continue to be limited, proactively conserving is essential as we enter warmer months. 

NewsChannel10's Chief Meteorologist "Doppler" Dave Oliver said that although Lake Meredith hasn't experienced much evaporation recently, the shift in seasons could change that.

"Now we're warming up, people will use more water, we will evaporate more water, so really we must conserve water now if we're going to try to keep water in that lake," said Dave.

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