Temporary tent solution for Tent City

Temporary tent solution for Tent City
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Christ Church: Camp of New Beginnings said they've found some glimmer of hope in light of their heartbreak as the deadline for Amarillo's Tent City to disband or start paying fines was today.

"We are moving onto another person's property who has given us permission," said Amanda Hunter, founder of Christ Church: Camp of New Beginnings.

However, this move is a temporary one.

The city ordinance that states you can't camp outside for more than three days still applies.

"I believe we have 72 hours before they enforce it again unless we can of course get the ordinance overturned or withdrawn," said Kip Billups, founder of Amarillo Brown Bag Runs and advocate for Christ Church Camp.

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The new land, which is directly north of the former camp, is much smaller.

Residents of the camp say size doesn't matter because a tent is still their home.

"There's not enough room on this little space for all them big tents, so I'm willing to downsize mine down to a little tent and throw all that old crap I got away," said Terry Lane, a resident at the camp.

"It's just a safe place to sleep, knowing you're going to wake up in the morning," said Bill Kessel. "That's hard to find."

Those who advocate for the camp say they're still left with questions for the city about who exactly the ordinance applies to.

"How are they planning on enforcing this code violation are they going to go to all the trailer parks, the RV camps, private residences that have campers and RVs?" asked Amarillo resident Phyllis Fruge.

"We're looking to make sure this isn't discriminatory towards the homeless, that it's equally enforced as our city manager said it would be," said Billups.

Two young men, Victor Romero and Calvin Lamm, helping out at the camp say meeting campers inspired them to put themselves in the shoes of those less fortunate.

"We dressed up as homeless people and they wouldn't even allow us to go into McDonald's or fast food restaurants," said Romero and Lamm. "Especially for how young we are, you would think that they would but they didn't. Have integrity, do the right thing even though no one is looking."

While no one from the City of Amarillo was available to comment on camera today, they said in a statement a case could potentially be filed tomorrow as today was the last day of the 10 day notice.

The city said it will then be up to the district courts to determine if the activity at the site is consistent with city code.

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