Good News with Doppler Dave: Making the transition out of prison into society easier

Good News with Doppler Dave: Making the transition out of prison into society easier

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - For many individuals released from the prison system, the transition back into society can be quite challenging and often leads to failure.

Recently, however, the transition was made easier for one group of men.

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The bus station - many men released from Texas prisons find themselves right here, dropped off with $50, a change of clothes and no idea where their life will go next - unless they are part of Project Legion, and then the story can be different.

"They gave me a start, a fresh start," said Michael Lee. "They took me to my apartment, and it was just great to have your own place. Then they took me to get my driver's license and my medical."

"They allowed me to come to a different place because it's hard for a person who decides to change their life to step out," said Craig Whitley

"With the Legion Project and all the things that they do, the training and verification, we feel it's a good opportunity for these men and for us as a company to employ people who are ready and are hungry to do good." said Thomas Robertson.

"Through a project like the Legion Project and companies willing to give us a second chance at work, we can succeed, we can be successful. We can be productive in society and become members of society and live a life they we are supposed to live." said Lee.

"And we are able to communicate with guys at the washer, we can communicate with guys when we go to the cleaners to put our clothes in the cleaners," said Larry Byrd. "That alone let's guys know there is hope. Some of those gentlemen have people and loved ones that are locked up, so they can spread that information."

Lee said he is moving forward now, thanks to Project Legion's help.

"This weekend I'll have the opportunity to bring a message at New Life, at a church that I have been going to, and it is truly an honor to be able to do that because I found Christ, and He changed my life," said Lee.

Through Project Legion, incarcerated men receive the good news preached to them, but then they reenter society with a place to live and a job.

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