YCCO aims to build tiny homes for the homeless

YCCO aims to build tiny homes for the homeless
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: Yellow City Community Outreach
Source: Yellow City Community Outreach

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Yellow City Community Outreach has taken a 'tiny' step forward towards giving the homeless a place to call home.

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously on Monday to recommend the city council rezone land in North Amarillo.

If the rezoning is approved by City Council, YCCO, who is leading the initiative, will start by building four tiny houses on land near North Rusk and Northwest 3rd.

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"All over the country people are building tiny home villages. So for the chronically homeless, the tiny houses is a good answer," said Kit Rudd, Vice President of YCCO.

"We have a tool in our zoning ordinance that allows us to respond to a request that doesn't fit into any predefined category and that's what we're doing here," said AJ Fawver, Planning Director for the City of Amarillo.

The homes will serve as a ladder for the homeless back into society.

"Everybody is a different unique individual and that's how we have to look at them," said Rudd. "So everybody's needs can be different but I know that the tiny house community will fit a lot of homeless people needs. It will be a transitional phase and it will be something that gets them back into a regular lifestyle."

YCCO said if they do decide to charge rent, it's for the benefit of those in the transitional housing.

"It gives them a sense of ownership. It gives them something to be proud of. I want them to have that. I want them to have anything that builds self-esteem and self-confidence," said Rudd.

The organization wants these tiny homes to be the start of a solution to homelessness in Amarillo.

"Every time I hear another association talk about tiny homes, I get excited because I know every tiny house that's built that's at least one more lost soul off the streets," said Rudd.

If city council does approve the recommendation, YCCO hopes to complete the four homes in a few months with the support of the community behind them.

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