Our Perspective on honoring the service and sacrifice of WWII Veterans

Our Perspective on honoring the service and sacrifice of WWII Veterans

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - There are two bills in Washington DC that would honor the almost 1,200 men involved in a tragic sinking during World War II.

In addition to earlier missions, the U.S.S. Indianapolis delivered components for Little Boy, the first atomic bomb used in combat and is credited with helping end the war, but upon return home two torpedoes sank the ship.

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300 went down with the Indianapolis with many more dying while floating for days from dehydration, exposure and sharks. Now only 18 are left across the U.S., including Memphis resident Cleatus Lebow just down Highway 287.

The bills in the House and Senate propose to award a Congressional Gold Medal collectively to the entire crew. Congress has awarded that medal, its highest honor, since the American Revolution starting with George Washington.

At least 290 members of the House and 67 senators have to cosponsor the legislation to make an award. So far, there are far fewer than needed, and the legislation has sat in committee since its introduction last fall.

Our Perspective is the service and sacrifice of the crew, including our neighbor Cleatus Lebow, earned them the Congressional Gold Medal so let's get these bills more cosponsors and make the award.

What's your Perspective?

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