'Frames of Love' provide comfort for families who lose a child

'Frames of Love' provide comfort for families who lose a child
Frames of Love (Source: KFDA)
Frames of Love (Source: KFDA)
In every 1,000 births, about five to six babies die either during pregnancy or shortly after birth.
For some local doctors, it feels like they've seen more of these deaths in recent years, citing an increasingly unhealthy population as a possible cause.

"It would put about 20-25 a year in Amarillo, said Dr. Steve Griffin of Texas Tech Physicians. "In general, it feels like our pregnant moms are not as healthy as they were, even five to ten years ago."

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As more local families experience the heartbreaking loss of a child during pregnancy, one local organization is hoping to offer a unique comfort to them in their time of need.

"This wasn't really something that we had here in Amarillo that was tailored just for our community, said Carol McKinney, co-founder of Frames of Love.

With a camera and keepsake box ready to go when a hospital or family calls, Frames of Love provides a type of service that many families might not even think of: photographs.

"Pictures are not something that you think of in that time. It didn't cross my mind at all. It was such a tragic situation, said LeAnna Espinosa, an assistant at Frames of Love who originally became involved with the organization after experiencing her own loss of a baby. Once we started planning a service, we for sure wanted pictures."

Espinosa lost her daughter, Addy. One of her nurses referred her to Frames of Love.

"It was actually Carol who came to my call and she was just so loving and supporting, said Espinosa.

After time, she wanted to give back to other families going through the same situation, so she became a volunteer with Frames of Love.

"I always knew I wanted to give back to Frames of Love, said Espinosa. "It was a good feeling having Carol there to comfort us and I just wanted to do that for other families."

McKinney says in the five years it has been around, Frames of Love has seen families going through all sorts of child loss or illness from stillbirths to terminal illnesses requesting their services. In their first year, they served about 40-50 families.

"Now, yearly, I would say we serve four to five hundred families, said McKinney.

For those in need of their services, Frames of Love has a website with contact information.
After five years of serving the Amarillo community, Frames of Love continues to help each family heal through their heartbreak.

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