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Police respond to Bowie Middle School after parent call, no threat found


At 8:52 a.m. Tuesday morning APD officers received a call stating that there was an active shooter at Bowie Middle School.

The parent had received a text message from their student saying that there was rumor of a school shooting and the parent called and told officers that a shooter was at the school.

By 8:56 a.m. multiple officers responded and determined that there was no shooter and no threats made.

This was a follow up to the social media rumors that were being spread since Monday night. There is no evidence that there are any genuine threats to any school in Amarillo.

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APD is continuing to investigate all threats and has extra officers around the schools due to rising concerns to parents caused by these rumors.

The Amarillo Police Department asks residents to refrain from spreading any social media gossip. If you see something that you think is a threat contact the Amarillo Police Department immediately.

Source: Amarillo Police Department

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