Barrio plan aims to redefine the neighborhood

Barrio plan aims to redefine the neighborhood
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Barrio Neighborhood Plan has a major key to its success - direct neighborhood action.

Those in attendance as it was unveiled at the Wesley Community Center are behind the plan and ready to help redefine the area.

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"It's necessary for the neighborhood to be directly involved because it has to be of the neighborhood and for the neighborhood," said AJ Fawver, Planning Director for the City of Amarillo. "A lot of these ideas were theirs. So as the city staff, we have some limited ability to have a support role but really the neighborhood has to get behind it."

The initiative aims to address the needs of those who call the Barrio home so they can be on a path to success.
"A Barrio business association because it allows these restaurants and other businesses to come together and work together so this neighborhood can be successful," said Teresa Kenedy, a volunteer with the Amarillo Barrio Plan Committee. "I think it's also important that people know what we're lacking, for example a pharmacy, clothing store, medical and dental facilities here."
Engaging the youth while maintaining the neighborhood pride already in the Barrio is what the future of this plan focuses on.

"We're hoping maybe to get some of the high school students and do some murals on some of the vacant buildings to help people understand what it's like to live in the Barrio," said Edith diTommaso, a volunteer with the Amarillo Barrio Plan Committee.

"Just to be able to have their kids involved really multi-generation, so it's all the way from our little-bitty kids to our elderly residents," said Kenedy.

"I think the other thing that's really interesting, for youth in particular, is branding this neighborhood so that it becomes something distinctly different," said Fawver. "So people know when you talk about the Barrio, you know exactly where they're talking about."

You can view the full plan here and email the city to voice your thoughts.

City staff will be working to get the plan adopted in March and began its imprint on the Barrio shortly after.

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