Five years later, questions remain in mysterious death of Braxton Blue

Five years later, questions remain in mysterious death of Braxton Blue
Braxton Blue (Source: KFDA)
Braxton Blue and his mother, Sherri Blue (Source: Blue family)
Braxton Blue and his mother, Sherri Blue (Source: Blue family)
Photos of Braxton Blue (Source: KFDA)
Photos of Braxton Blue (Source: KFDA)
It has been 1,848 days since Braxton Blue was last seen alive. 
Now, five years later, his family is still left with questions in the investigation into his death.

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"We still have nothing. I'm still fighting every day, said his mother Sherri Blue.

Police originally believed Braxtons death was a suicide, but as his death was ruled undetermined, his mother pushed harder for police to investigate.

"It's very frustrating. I do not understand why they won't take Braxton seriously, said Sherri Blue.

Five years have come and gone as the investigation has passed from Dumas Police to the Hartley County Sheriffs Office, and, eventually, to Dalhart Police.

"Dalhart called and told me they were going to be on top of it, he was going to take it, and he was going to do everything he possibly could, and we worked really well together. Then, all of a sudden, they told me nope, said Sherri.

NewsChannel 10 spoke with Dalhart Police, who then said the investigation is back into the hands of Hartley County.

"It's one of those cases that's at a standstill more or less, right now, said Hartley County Sheriff Franky Scott. We're not actively investigating it but as things come up here and there from resources and stuff ... then we will check it out."

According to the Blue family, in recent months, new developments have surfaced, but they still have no concrete answers.

They later told me they had found some DNA in the basement, said Sherri. They came back and told me it was possibly a false positive."

Another lead came in the form of text messages received by a former classmate of Braxton, sent by a supposed suspect.

"Through the text messages that came up, this kid said, 'well, you better watch yourself, 'cause I'm the one that killed your buddy Braxton Blue,’” recalled Sherri.

According to Sherri, the person in those text messages eventually was picked up for another crime, but no charges came in relation to Braxton's case.
Now, five years later, this mom is not giving up anytime soon.

"I love you. I will fight 'til the day I die. I will get justice one way or another, said Sherri.

The page continues to leave messages to Braxton, as well as posting updates on the case.

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