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New Randall County annex open for business

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Randall County residents will visiting a new location on Western Street after a new annex has opened for business.

After almost five years of planning and construction, the new Randall County annex is operating.

The announcement of the building is music to Judge Ernie Houdashell's ears.

"There's a lot of excitement in this building today," said Judge Houdashell. "We've been working on it for a couple of years, rebuilding and refurbishing it."

The original 10,000-square-foot annex on Georgia Street. was built in 1974.

The new facility is now three times that size and completely state of the art.

Amenities inside the new facility include a new voting center, a second county court at law, a new tax office, and a 17,000 piece tile floor. The new floor also includes the county's seal.

A brand new large bathroom for both men and women is a feature Judge Houdashell is excited about.

Randall County Tax Assessor-Collector Christina McMurray hopes residents are proud to visit the new building.

"I really, really, truly hope that the citizens of Randall County are happy with it, they're proud of it. This is a state of the art facility that's in Randall County, it's something to be proud of," said McMurray.

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Judge Houdashell said it was a process in order to fund the purchase of and construction of the building. Taxes for residents weren't raised, but instead, the building was funded by the use of bonds and the county paying out of pocket.

Included in the new building is the addition of a Randall County Sheriff's Office, who will also over-see security.

McMurray believes the biggest change for residents will be getting use to the new security measures.

"At the annex, it was just in and out. But now, especially when they come in to get their tags if they forget something, drivers license, insurance card, they have to go out, [and then] they will have to come back through security. So that's gonna be the biggest change," said McMurray.

The new security system is similar to the airport, and proper identification is needed. However, residents will be able to keep their shoes on when entering. 

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