Street Departments works to rid alleyways of bulk items

Street Departments works to rid alleyways of bulk items
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The City of Amarillo's Public Works department is continuing its effort to rid alleyways of bulk trash.

City officials said they understand the possible frustrations illegal dumping of bulk items can cause.

They said they are actively working to clean all neighborhoods, and the public can help.

"The biggest component is the communication. Call and let us know the problem exists," said Floyd Hartman, Assistant City Manager for Development Services. "If they'll call us, and be patient with us, we will find crews to help solve this problem and help work through it."

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As excess dumping in alleyways continues, the city is now adding flex crew members to help solid waste staff clean up the mess.

Hartman said that the workers are assisting as often as they can.

"We're making sure that their primary duties are served prior to this assignment, so that the citizens needs are served in their areas of work, but when they're available, we are applying these crews to this initiative, as a short-term effort to solve the problem," said Valdez.

Hartman said a number of factors aid in the continuous unauthorized dumping.

"The illegal dumping in the alley is just a component of what we've done in the past, how things were dealt with in the past, and a misunderstanding that that's what to do with the trash and the solid waste," said Hartman. "What we want to is deal with that timely such that are residents are not impacted negatively."

To help crews, all willing and able residents are being asked to no longer place bulk items in alleyways.

Instead, place those items on your front porch and call the city at (806) 378-6813. Items will be picked up 24 hours after your request.

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