Northwest Texas Hospital partners with Sound Physicians

Northwest Texas Hospital partners with Sound Physicians
Source: Northwest Texas Hospital

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Northwest Texas Hospital has teamed up with a leading healthcare organization to continue to focus on quality of care for their patients.

The partnership between Northwest and Sound Physicians is aiming to heal patients through teamwork and innovative care.

"This has improved the quality of care of the patient care in the hospital and improved the standards and provide us with better means to serve the patient in a better way," said Dr. Mohammed Aldeen, a doctor at Northwest.

Northwest went through training alongside the company to follow the updated standards of care for a patient's diagnosis.

"For example, we've been having really good numbers with congestive heart failures, and we've been trying to minimize the readmissions. as well as for chronic COPD, as you know this is a chronic disease," said Dr. Aldeen. "When the patient has them it's very hard to control them throughout the year. We've been noticing the differences and we're very happy to have them here."
The hospital gained some new tech.

An app called Brio has replaced their old coding paperwork and is more time efficient for patient care.

"First and foremost, it's just an easy way for our doctors to know where their patients are on a given day," said Dr.Gregory Johnson, the Chief Medical Officer for Sound Physicians. "But as importantly, it's a communication tool."

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Northwest and Sound said the focus on teamwork between physicians and nurses is benefiting the patients.

"A specialized nurse practitioner or nurse to help to do that work for us," said Dr. Aldeen. "This cut off our time that we spent on the non-clinical work as well as improve and fasten the process to get the patient the care they deserve."
Communication is key and has allowed Northwest to be more active after a patient's discharge.

"So we now have the means to help the patient after they go home to provide them with home health, to provide them with rehab if they need," said Dr. Aldeen.

"We want to make sure they're connected with their community physicians, their primary care physicians in the community so that way they can get their health care at the right level," said Dr. Johnson.

Both Sound Physicians and Northwest say they hope residents will continue to see the benefit of this partnership whenever they may need medical care.

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