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One year later: City releases draft plan for Barrio Neighborhood

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As a way of previewing next weeks meeting, the city's planning department is releasing a draft for the redevelopment of the Barrio Neighborhood.

This draft comes after nearly one year of planning and discussions between the city and those individuals within the Barrio area. 

"The neighborhood meetings that we've had that are open to the whole neighborhood. We've had two of those so far," said City of Amarillo Planning Director AJ Fawver. "They've been very well-attended. We've had a lot of great discussion, and we've had a lot of comments that we have implemented into the plan.

So really the message that we're hearing from this neighborhood is that they're very motivated, and they're very excited about the possibilities. It's been very positive."

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Fawver said the department is identifying six-area needs, which will center around both residential as well as non-residential development and maintenance. 

"Up-keep of properties was a big issue we heard. We also spent a great deal of time talking about infrastructure," said Fawver. "For example, getting around that neighborhood without a car is very difficult, and so that of course is a focus as a need and a want for that neighborhood.

We also heard from them very clearly that they are interested in promoting and improving the health and the safety in that neighborhood. Making sure that there are facilities nearby that are available to the neighborhood residents. And also making sure that residents feel safe enough to really spend time outdoors and engage more and use the parks that are there."

The Barrio neighborhood is unique in the fact that there is very little vacant land, which means the planning department's main goal is to redevelop existing buildings and structures while protecting the residential elements. 

"As a city, most of us are in this line of work because we want to make things better," said Fawver. "But, sometimes we need reminding of where the priorities are and where the needs are. This accomplishes that.

The beauty of doing it in a full planning effort that's adopted is that it will stand the test of time. It's simply going to be up to people like myself and others in city government to make sure we keep this conversation at the forefront of everything that we're doing. So, it's a large responsibility, but, the neighborhood deserves that."

The meeting will be held this coming Monday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at the Wesley Community Center Gym and all comments are welcomed. 

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