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Pantex hosts 1st 'Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day'

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Today, girls from the area are learning that with something as simple as a piece of foil and a penny, they too can make a difference as an engineer. 

Through 'Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day,' girls are learning about the doors a degree in engineering can open. 

"That's what all of us are out here representing today, is that there are women in this field, and that they can do it too," said Mechanical Engineer for Pantex Courtney Waddell. "I know that girls learn very on that they maybe can not be an engineer, and that is so not true."

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Women currently account for less than a third, or 28 percent, of those employed in STEM fields. A lack of women in these fields means fewer female role models, both for current female STEM employees, as well as girls still forming career choices. 

"You don't even have to do what the typical idea of an engineer is," said Mechanical Engineer for Pantex Jennifer Lopez. "You can go out there, and you can help people and get involved with volunteering."

Through this program, women hope to bridge these gaps and break the stereotype connecting technology to masculinity. 

 "When you come up in school, it's all about your work as an individual. When you become an engineer, you step into that field you realize that everything is a team effort," said Waddell. "So you're mixed with a bunch of different people, girls, guys, people from different places, all coming together with these ideas that can help solve problems, and that's mainly what I like to do," said Waddell.  

These girls are now able to walk away with the face-to-face inspiration to follow their dreams. 

"I've always wanted to learn more about being an engineer, and you know, break the norm that only men do it. I think it's an amazing thing and girls should know how to do more of this kind of stuff," said Caprock High School student Jade Crowder.  

This is the first time Pantex has hosted this program, but they hope to encourage more girls to consider a career in engineering.

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