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Amarillo organization wants to make sure teen moms don't 'fall through the cracks'

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Be-Loved Amarillo is a non-profit organization mentoring local teen moms.

The director of Be-loved, Christy Hilbert, says the program came to be after local educators said young mothers were falling through the cracks at their perspective schools. 

"Our goals are simple," said Hilbert. "We want to empower young women and advocate for them in order to get their higher education."

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The goal of Be-Loved is to help young moms overcome obstacles teen pregnancy can present.  According to the CDC, two percent of teen moms have a college degree by age 30, and daughters of teen moms are three times more likely to become one. 

"My junior year, I got pregnant and I followed through," said young mom Alondra. "So my senior year he was born, and I was still going to school. It was pretty hard, but I managed to do it, and now I'm in college," said young mom Alondra. 

Although the odds can be stacked against young moms, Be-loved wants them to know they do not have to settle for only being a statistic.

"What I would say to a teen mom who thinks that this is a moment that is going to affect the rest of your life in a negative way, 'You have the ability to turn that around and use it in a positive way. You can be everything you dreamed of and more. It's going to take grit and a lot of work, but you can make this happen,'" said Hilbert. 

According to, students who are mentored are 55 percent more likely to enroll in college.

Be-Loved hopes to help young moms balance the requirements of being a mom while pursuing a career that can make them more independent and less likely to repeat unhealthy behavior that may prevent their success. 

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