Faith City Mission moves forward following officer involved shooting

Faith City Mission moves forward following officer involved shooting
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - After being temporarily relocated, Faith City Mission staff members and students returned to the scene of this week's officer involved shooting today.

As they reentered what they used to know as their safe space, emotions were running high.

Bullet holes now mark the religious backdrop of the chapel, serving as a reminder of what happened.

"As these doors opened again and we went back to serving guests and having guest chapel,  a lot of emotions," said women's manager and counselor Jana Bartholomew. "Then there was a few other things that happened just that really triggered some people on the memory of Wednesday."

When witnesses say a Faith City familiar face, Joshua Jones, entered the chapel with a handgun, he left a lasting impression on more than one hundred others.

"It was so scary to not know what was going to go on," said Bartholomew. "What was going on in the chapel, who were those bullets hitting and who was pulling the trigger."

Faith City Mission head of watchman Bill Shaw said he held doors shut to give everyone a chance to get to safety.

Some who say they were held hostage told counselors the gunman tried to involve them. 
"In the moment they were in here and the man that had the gun actually made some of the students become involved," said Bartholomew. "He wanted them to zip tie other students."

Staff members and students are now going through crisis intervention and trauma counseling to come to terms with what happened.

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While it was a traumatic experience, Faith City Mission executive director Jena Taylor said it's forced them to review their safety protocol.

"We want to keep everybody as safe as we can here while they are here because our job is to love them and make their lives better," said Taylor.

Taylor said they have a paid watchman and a security team made of students to handle times of aggression.

Staff normally wands those entering the chapel with a metal detector, but Jones came through on a day when they're normally more lenient.

"Because this was staff and student chapel, Wednesday morning is staff and student chapel, there's some guests that come out from other churches in the community just to be here, we didn't wand," said Taylor. "We realize now that's not an option anymore."

They also discovered loopholes while reviewing security video.

"In this instance we've discovered we have two blind spots, well that's not good," said Taylor. "So this has really helped us beef up our security."

The organization now hopes to move forward being more prepared in crisis situations.

Taylor said they are also planning to enroll all staff in an active shooter class in the near future.

Jones was booked on 6 counts of aggravated kidnapping with a $200,000 bond for each count.

The Faith City Mission man who was shot remains in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

As with standard protocol in all officer involved shootings, the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending investigation.

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