Amarillo Fire Department continuing active shooter training

Amarillo Fire Department continuing active shooter training
Source: Amarillo Fire Department
Source: Amarillo Fire Department

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As recent shootings continue to be part of a daily discussion, local agencies are continuing to prepare for any active shooter situation.

The Amarillo Fire Department is in their second week of a month long active shooter training course.

This course was pre-planned and not the first time the department has gone through this training, yet the importance of it can not be understated.

"With recent events, we're able to emphasis once again how important this is for us," said Capt. Dana Havlik, Training Capt. with the Amarillo Fire Department. "How important this is for our community to be able to respond as quickly as possible."

The AFD is training alongside the APD and the Potter and Randall County sheriff's offices.

They run through three drills a day.

"Each drill is a little bit different," said Capt. Havlik. "We'll set it up in advance, and the police officers respond, and fire department also responds to those. So, we'll team up to go inside the facility in order to provide medical care along with law enforcement to provide security for us."

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260 AFD firefighters are being trained on the medical response to an active shooting situation.

"It's a response that's different from our normal response," said Capt. Havlik. "So by integrating with law enforcement and going into what we call the 'warm zone,' where there could be an active shooter still present it allows us to get in quicker and and provide medical care to those who have been injured."

Citizens who want to take part in active shooting drills can do so through both the Potter and Randall County Sheriff's office in the upcoming week.

"If you get into a pressure situation, everything is going to revert back to training," said Bernie Stokes, owner of Panhandle Gunslingers.

"In order to be prepared, you have to be trained properly, and that's our goal is to train to respond," said Capt. Havlik.

The AFD says the camaraderie of the departments makes any response a better one.

"We often work together out in the public anyway on car accidents and structure fires but just to work together in a close knit group has really been great for us," said Havlik. "We're better and the community is better for it."

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