United States Cattlemen's Association ask for stricter label regulations


AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Beef labels may be misleading consumers, according to the United States Cattlemen's Association.

"It's important for that label to be specific because we don't want to mislead consumers," said Carmen Fenton of the Texas Cattlefeeders Association. "We certainly don't want them to buy something not knowing exactly what they are getting."

The United States Cattlemen's Association is asking the United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service to tighten its label restrictions.

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It says the use of the label "beef" should not be on alternative proteins or products grown in a laboratories. It also says the use of the label "meat" should be on products limited to the tissue of animals that have been harvest in a traditional manner.

The petition reads:

The labels of 'beef' and 'meat' should inform consumers that the product is derived naturally from animals as opposed to alternative proteins such as plants and insects or artificially grown in a laboratory.

This would exclude companies like Impossible Foods to use the word meat or beef in their labels

USCA says not distinguishing how the product is produced can be misleading.

"You know at my house, my kids. I'm a mom of three kids. We eat the real deal," said Fenton. "And when I go to the grocery store just like all the other parents out there, I want to know what I'm reading on the label is what I'm feeding my family. If I choose something at the meat counter that says beef on it, I want to be confident that's what I'm buying to cook and feed my family."

USCA also says that products labeled beef and meat that aren't naturally harvested can impact the market they are in.

"We have not seen a significant impact on the market right now. We are confident in the beef we produce right here in the Amarillo area," said Fenton. "That beef goes all over the world. People want our product. They like it. It's healthy for them, but that's not to say we might not see an impact in the future."

NewsChannel 10 is following this petition, and we will bring you updates as they become available.

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