Amarillo first graders learn the science behind sports

Carver ECA Winter Olympics (Source: Carver ECA)
Carver ECA Winter Olympics (Source: Carver ECA)
Carver ECA Winter Olympics (Source: Carver ECA)
Carver ECA Winter Olympics (Source: Carver ECA)

From the classroom to the competition, students at Amarillo's Carver Early Childhood Academy are going for the gold with their own take on the Winter Olympics.

"We get to play sports by winning medals,
said first-grade student Montrey.

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First graders are applying science lessons on force and motion to the real-life games, all in perfect timing with the ongoing Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

"Students will have to adjust how much force and motion they use to get the best results,
said first-grade teacher Jennifer Gleaves

From the bobsled to speed skating to curling, these first graders are getting hands-on with Thursday
s science lesson.

"We push things that are on wheels,
said first-grade student Ella.

A.k.a. curling.

"I like what we was doing today. Pushing the stuff and having fun,
said first-grade student Jordan.

Rather than focusing on the athletes of the Games, students are having fun with the science behind each sport.

"Anytime you're dealing with sports, kids are actively more engaged in the learning process,
said Gleaves. Especially at the primary level, we want to make sure we're giving them that real-life application and also that hands-on engagement."

After each competition gets its winners, those top three in each class get their candy gold, silver, and bronze medals, then take to the green screen for a
cool photo opportunity, transporting them from Amarillo to South Korea.

"We use a green screen app where we will take their picture and we'll put the background behind them that will have the Olympic symbol, and snow, and it'll look like they've gone to Korea,
said Tara Kauffman with the Amarillo Independent School District.

Beyond the science of the sports, the students are also learning an important lesson in sportsmanship.

"Don't pout if you lost because be glad that you won anyway,
said Jordan.

Not a bad 
bonus lesson to take away.

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