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Students respond to updated WTAMU master plan

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As West Texas A&M University updates the campus of its latest master plan concept, some students want to make sure their concerns are heard. 

"The parking here tends to be an issue. I hear lots of students talking about parking,. and I for one can relate to it," said WT Senior Cassidy Crutchfield. "When I lived in the dorms, it was hard to find parking close to your residence halls. Now living off-campus, it's more difficult finding parking close to campus."

After a recent survey asking students what the biggest issues or challenges they face while traveling to and from campus, "finding parking at all" tops the list at 76 percent.

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"More parking lots or maybe even a parking garage,"  said Crutchfield. "I know they have the First United Bank Center designated as parking, but a lot of people don't want to ride the shuttles necessarily to get to class or work. So maybe more parking lots designated for students."

"I think parking here isn't that bad. I know that trying to get a good, convenient spot is a fight to the death," said WT Masters Student Janine Johnson. "But, there is a lot of outer edge parking, so for me I would like to see the shuttle system improved, more efficient and faster, so that you see more parking at the edges, more commuting, and people are more likely to use that service."

As WT continues to roll out initiatives urging students to live on campus, the current status of residence halls is an additional issue some students would like to see addressed in the 10-year Master Plan. 

"I think that because WT has a requirement that you live on campus two years, it's important we update the dorms," said WT Sophomore Alyssa Perez. "Because we do have to live there, and the outdated dorms outnumber the new dorms. So I think it's important that everyone has an equal living opportunity and students can enjoy living on campus."

"You can be a better student if you live on campus, and I know that personally, and that's something I was against at the beginning," said WT Junior Shelby Willburn. "But I was a really good student starting off living on campus."

However, students do want to make sure these updates will not affect their tuition costs.

The 10-year Master Plan is currently in phase four of five phases, so issues such as tuition costs are still being evaluated. 

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