Emergency response app aims to save lives

Emergency response app aims to save lives
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - BSA is the first hospital in the Panhandle to use Pulsara, an emergency response app that sends time-sensitive details to the hospital before a critical patient even arrives.

"The system essentially takes the doctor from the hospital and puts it in your house when you're having chest pain or a stroke," said Perry Perkins, Director of Paramedicine Services at BSA. "It allows us to activate the hospital's response sooner so that a patient when they get to the emergency room gets the fastest and best care possible."

When you're suffering from a stroke or a heart attack, every second is crucial to survival.

"For stroke and heart attack patients, those two diseases have the most critical diagnosis times, and the treatment is determined by how quickly the patient is seen and diagnosed," said Michelle Segrest, Chest Pain Coordinator at BSA.

EMS workers are communicating real-time with hospital employees who are involved in the care of these critical patients.

"They'll take a picture of your heart essentially," said Perkins. "They'll then take that picture and send it to the emergency room physician. That physician will be able to look at it and determine whether or not you're having a heart attack."

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Securely transmitting information like your vitals and your EKG can be life-saving.

"So the time it takes us to get from your house to the hospital we're saving those minutes for your heart," said Perkins. "So that your heart muscle isn't damaged that much. When we get you to the hospital they can take you directly to the cath lab, perform an intervention, and that saves your heart."

On February 5th, the first day the hospital implemented Pulsara, they served a critical patient.

"We activated for a STEMI, which is a heart attack," said Perkins. "The patient had a very good outcome and our transport time was perfect for getting the hospital activated and ready for when the patient got here."

BSA says Pulsara is a reminder that time is always of the essence.

"We say in this business time is muscle, so if you're having a heart attack, time is muscle, and we're saving precious minutes for you," said Perkins.

While BSA is the first to use Pulsara, a grant from the Panhandle Regional Advisory Counsel will be giving all 47 EMS agencies in the region this app to make sure patients in the Panhandle receive the care they need.

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