Tysheena and the Home of the Open Heart

Tysheena and the Home of the Open Heart
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The loss of a child is something that no parent can prepare for but many go through.

"She never gave up. She was always willing, she would try it even though it wasn't her best day," said Ella Dean mother of Tysheena Flye. "She would try to do it, and she just kept on going really. She kind of kept me on my feet too."

At first glance, 15-year-old Tysheena was just like any other teenager.

"She really enjoyed doing Snapchat, that was her main thing. It seemed like if she could do that, do selfies, she was happy," said Dean.

However, behind her smile, Tysheena was fighting a battle against a rare form a bone cancer called osteosarcoma.

"It kind of sucks when you have someone that close to you going through something like that, and there's nothing you can do about it," said Destinee Flye, twin-sister of Tysheena Flye.

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Destinee felt the emotions her sister experienced throughout her battle. The good days as well as the bad.

"She had her good days and bad days through it all, even though she was sick and in pain, you know? She always kept a smile on her face," said Destinee. "Some days you couldn't even tell she was sick. You wouldn't even know she had cancer."

"I think Tysheena coped fairly well with it. I really do," said Administrator for Home of the Open Heart Linda Littlefield. "She didn't want to be in pain, and when we ask her, 'Tysheena, what would you like? What would you like to eat?' And she would say 'jello'.

She just was very simple. She didn't want to bother anybody, but she was aware of her disease process. And I think without saying so, she knew that her time was very limited."

Tysheena's last days of life were spent at Home of The Open Heart in Amarillo, a non-profit that provides pediatric hospice care. It's the first of its kind for the city.

"I think number one, I'll remember the most about Tysheena is that she was our first patient here," said Littlefield. "She was just a joy. She was very loved."

Although Tysheena is no longer here, her strength and spirit will live on forever.

"It seems like every time we go somewhere she's right along with us," said Dean.

Home of the Open Heart is funded by contributions of the organizations and individuals of the community. These gifts allow the non-profit to provide a safe and comfortable environment to hospice patients like Tysheena.

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