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The Perspective Community Challenge: Discussing long-term success in the Panhandle


I'm starting something I'll call the Perspective Community Challenge.

Monthly I'm going to dig into thoughts that can impact our long-term success on the Panhandle. It really will take your input and thoughts to be successful.

I have had discussions many times with a broad spectrum of people in the community. 

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Here are the issues ahead of us as it became clear in those discussions.

  • Our community should strive to be the best.
  • Our people should be better planners.
  • Our town should invest in itself.
  • Our area should keep taxes low
  • Our town needs strong leaders to make tough decisions.

List goes on in the same direction our town should, but there are what-ifs that our leaders don't know.

These are the haunting questions:

  • Do we really want a better town, city or area?
  • Who pays for these improvements?
  • How do we come together in thinking about the future?
  • Will we support our leaders?
  • Will we trust each other and make a plan to move forward or do we want to stay the same?

Our Perspective is that there are some really tough questions that need to be answered, and true leaders are needed to guide the conversations.

How would you proceed? What is your Perspective?

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