It's time to register your storm shelter for the upcoming storm season


AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The fire department and sheriff's office in Childress County are teaming up to ask residents to register their storm shelters in preparation for the upcoming storm season.

They say the risk of not having it registered is too great.

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"If your house is destroyed, we wouldn't know where to start looking for you," said Childress Fire Department Chief Daniel Tyler. "We would not know you're in an underground shelter or basement, and you may go overlooked."

The locations of FEMA funded shelters are registered to the county emergency services they are in, but shelters funded personally are not.

The Childress County Fire Department and the Childress County Sheriff's Office want to make sure the location of your shelter does not remain unknown.

They are asking all county residents who have a shelter to register with them.

"During the Oklahoma City tornadoes in the past years, that has been one of the bigger complaints in the after action reports that the first responders didn't know where to look," said Chief Tyler.

During a tornado, the debris of the storm can trap people inside their shelters and landmarks might not be visible anymore.

If you're worried about your personal information being available to the public, there's no need for concern.

"I want people to know that these lists are confidential," said Childress County Sheriff Michael Pigg. "They'll only be used by first responders."

If you live in Childress County and would like to register your storm shelter, you can call the Childress Fire Department or the Childress County Sheriff''s Office.

If you live in another county and would like to register, call your local emergency services.

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