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Our Perspective on having quality health professionals in the Panhandle


What began in a small San Jacinto home three-years-ago has caught the eyes of medical professionals around the state.

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 The Texas Medical Association Foundation announced on Saturday that Dr. Alan Keister has won its highest honor and a $5,000 grant for founding and leading Heal the City.

This is a program to provide free medical screening and treatment from standard exams, specialist care and a even complex treatment plans for over 7,000 patients.

 The practice long ago outgrew that house and is now in the former Midtown YMCA. Heal the City is now raising money in a capital campaign to raise more than $5 million to complete renovations of the building to include a pharmacy, 14 exam rooms and many more services all free of charge.

All this dedication and generosity benefits everyone from the working uninsured to the homeless.

Our Perspective is Amarillo is lucky to have professionals to deliver healthcare to the needy with dignity and compassion, and their peers across the state applaud that with us.

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