Our Perspective on the government shutdown

Our Perspective on the government shutdown

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - 535, that's a number to remember.

535 is the total amount of people that could not agree and forced a government shutdown over last weekend.

It got a lot of press, for a long weekend holiday, for our elected officials.

The press was used as a tool to get people's attention, to get us to pay attention to the debate over immigration.

The wall, Dreamer status and a complete new approach to immigration in the United States is the issue, and 535 people or more from the left and the right cannot agree on a solution.

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These are complicated issues, and our Congress members have been wrestling over this for months due to the Presidents' directive to remove the shield for young people brought here as children from other countries.

That directive has not lost steam based on Monday's news and the seriousness of the shutdown.

The Perspective today might be as simple as: Even if we cannot agree on the topics being discussed and the manner in which it is being handled, hopefully we can agree that everyone should be glad the shutdown did not last long because our Government staff needs to work and get things done instead of being held hostage while the Congress argues.

What is your Perspective?

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