National Pigeon Show comes to Amarillo

National Pigeon Show comes to Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Grand National Pigeon Show has arrived in Amarillo, and the Civic Center is filling up with 4,000 birds and over 150 breeds of pigeons.

Every year, pigeon enthusiasts from around the nation gather in one place to show the best of their pigeons. This year, that place is right here in Amarillo.

Pigeons are judged depending on their breeds and features. Each breeder hopes their pigeon wins best in show.

"Each breed has their own standard that they go by," says Charles Hanna, District 6 Director of The National Pigeon Association. "And there's different qualities and different point systems per different features on the bird."

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Exhibitors say there are a lot of misconceptions about pigeons.

"The biggest one is people out there think they're nothing more than rats with wings," said exhibitor Bill Leech. "When truly, there's over 300 different breeds of pigeons, and it's a great backyard hobby. The birds are actually very clean. More people should get in it. Come down and take a look at our birds."

The show is estimated to bring in $1 million for the city. It will be open until Saturday and is free for the public.

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