High profile capital murder trial begins

High profile capital murder trial begins
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Robin Spielbauer / Source: Facebook
Robin Spielbauer / Source: Facebook

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Monday was the first day of the capital murder trial of the man accused of killing Robin Spielbauer.

The mood of the courthouse was extremely emotional and intense throughout the day as a jury heard the arguments in the trial of Robin Spielbauer's ex-husband Jeremy Spielbauer.

Eight people took the stand today to testify in the case, including Randall County investigators, a forensic pathologist, new agencies who reported on the incident and more.

The trial comes nearly four years after Robin's body was found in a ditch beside Helium Road.

Deputies originally arrested Jeremy's other ex-wife, Katie, but prosecutors later dropped the charges.

In opening statements, Randall County District Attorney James Farren said initially arresting Katie was "the perfect storm, but also the biggest mistake."

Tears ran down the face of Jeremy's ex-girlfriend Jessica Huffman as she testified this morning.

She told the jury Jeremy had a conversation with her prior to the murder, in which he told her his life would be better without Robin in it.

Huffman said that Jeremy told her it'd be better if Robin had a bullet in her head.

"I certainly think her emotion demonstrated that this is is not a person who rushed forward to give us this information," said Farren. "She did not want to be there, she did not want to be testifying against her friend Jeremy David Spielbauer."

However, during cross examination the defense brought up Huffman's criminal past as a way of calling her credibility as a witness into question.

Robin's mother Jackie Bledsoe also took the stand, saying she couldn't remember a happy time when speaking with Robin after the divorce with Jeremy.

Bledsoe also mentioned that Robin and Jeremy had money issues.

"We anticipate the rest of the week quite a bit of testimony from various law enforcement individuals who were involved in various aspects of the investigation," said Farren. "Anticipate that Katie Spielbauer will probably testify this week but it might be next week depending on how the other stuff goes."

Farren said a lot of this week will be aspects of the investigation as far as the gathering of evidence at the crime scene and in laboratories.

"We also anticipate testimony from two forensic experts," said Farren. "One from the FBI and one who's in the private sector who are experts on cell tower, digital phones, Wifi tracking all that sort of activity."

The defense reserved their opening statements this morning.

We were unable to catch them for an interview as they left the courtroom at the end of the day.

NewsChannel 10 is following this trial, and we will bring you updates as they become available.

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