Our Perspective on the new Facebook changes

Our Perspective on the new Facebook changes

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - For the millions of us who are on Facebook, we do tend to wake up to a different world each day as Facebook endlessly changes what happens on their feeds.

The latest change came earlier this month when the CEO announced they'd start showing fewer news articles and less marketing content and ads.

Instead, Facebook will try to move back to the days of showing users more content from their friends.

That could concern me, knowing that NewsChannel 10 stories might not show up as much in your feeds.

But it makes me happy also, because you will also get less "Fake News" that seems to taken over social media.

You will always get bias and fiery thoughts from your friends, but hopefully not as much of the bias and anger from outside sources that seem to divide us and cause stress.

The news outlets that do it right with ethics, filters, proper sourcing, transparency and accuracy will rise to the top and be shared by you and your friends, and NewsChannel 10 strives to be one of those trusted news sources.

Facebook was built for Friends and Family to share. I'm sure there is another change being planned for Facebook, and remember, people can still buy content and marketing positions on Facebook, so you will still see plenty of articles, ads and marketing content.

The best filter is your filter, not a Facebook one. Choose your thoughts, and friends wisely, and happy Facebook surfing.

What is your Perspective?

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