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Grandmother worried about bullying at Hereford ISD

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: Linda Guerrero Source: Linda Guerrero
Source: Linda Guerrero Source: Linda Guerrero
Source: Linda Guerrero Source: Linda Guerrero

An 11-year-old boy says he's the victim of bullying at his Hereford elementary school, and his family is asking for help.

Marcus Escobedo suffers from ADHD and is being tested for autism, according to his grandmother Linda Guerrero - his legal guardian.

She says these conditions are at the root of the bullying he's faced with at school and has kept him at home for his safety.

"I'm keeping him out of school because I don't want him to get hurt," said Linda. "It's not because I want to keep him out, especially, I want him to go to school, but I have to keep him out. I have to keep him safe. Just like I told the officer, he said his job is to investigate. Well, my job is to keep him safe."

 Linda says what started out as name-calling has escalated to physical violence and shared ER papers and photos she claims are from one of the incidents.

Marcus says the incidents have been going on for about three months - including one this week.

"I was threatened for my life," said Marcus. "One of the kids jumped me and then I dropped my tray. He started punching me and he told the other kids. 'There you go, he's all yours.' Then they started pinching me and punching me."

Linda confirmed the school has given Marcus an aid to walk him through the hallways. 

While the superintendent of Hereford ISD can't speak on specific incidents, she says the district takes bullying allegations seriously and investigates them thoroughly.

However, Linda said she is still worried.

"I want him to stop being bullied, because I don't want him to end up doing something stupid to where he's going to kill himself or he's tired of it," said Linda. "I've heard that a lot. It's been a lot here in Hereford, I've had a lot of parents tell me that their kid is being bullied too."

If you're being bullied, Marcus has a message:

"Ignore them," said Marcus.

And he hopes those who bully him are watching.

"To stop hurting other kids," said Marcus.

Because he says he's experienced that hurt first-hand.

"Afraid, that I can't do anything in life to get away from them," said Marcus.

When reached for comment, Hereford police said that they're unable to comment on anything regarding a juvenile, but they will investigate any allegations presented to them.

If you or someone you know is a victim of bullying or wants to help put a stop to it, Stomp Out Bullying is an organization that's working to help bullying victims nationwide.

You can find more information here.

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