Our Perspective on Amarillo's low unemployment rates

Our Perspective on Amarillo's low unemployment rates

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Several new reports say Amarillo has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state.

It's down a half percent from last year and well below the state rate.

The larger employment sectors include health care, education, agriculture processing and transportation from rails to the interstate.

Construction is a good area too with commercial projects and multiple housing developments planned in Amarillo but also in places like Canyon and Bushland.
The survey company Wallet Hub ranks Amarillo the 39th best place to find a job in the country.

While the state minimum wage is $7.25, job advertisements show even entry-level jobs and fast food locations and convenience stores in Amarillo pay more than that.
Our perspective is this is a good time to join the 130,000 working in the city because there's a lot of work being done out there and the experts at Workforce Development say if you're interested and willing, you should have no problem finding a job.
What's your perspective?

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